Listening to my body

You’d think that after having lived a significant number of years, I’d have learned by now to listen to what my body tries to tell me. And you’d be partially right.

But there are times when my Type A personality gets in the way–and I tell my body that it really doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

It will take that for a little while…but eventually it will have had enough. If I won’t listen willingly, it will shut me down until I really open my ears.

That happened this week.

I knew I’d been pushing myself between things that I needed to get done at work and things that I wanted/needed to do at home. I’d said “yes” to a few too commitments, but I figured I could handle them all.

My body kept saying “You’re trying to do too much…you need to slow down.” But I was like a driver, sure he can get through that light before it turns red, even if he’s half a block away and the light is turning yellow!

Wednesday evening I started sniffling. Darn! Too many things to do this upcoming weekend–I can just gut it through.

Thursday changed my mind! I went in to work because I had a commitment that I had to take care of (unfortunately in the afternoon). By the time it was 3:30 (when I was supposed to take care of the commitment), I was feeling absolutely lousy and wanted nothing more than to go home and crash in bed. As it turned out, the reporter also was sick and going home–so I headed home 1-1/2 hours earlier than I had thought I would be able to.

As soon as I walked in the door, I changed into pajamas, sat in the recliner, and immediately went to sleep. During the next 24 hours, I think I was awake only 3.

Today is Saturday. There is an activity I was supposed to be at today–but I’ve learned (again) that when my body tells me to slow down, I’d better do that. This activity will be offered again later, and I need the rest today to prepare for a commitment I’ve made for tomorrow that I really do need to cover.

Maybe one of these days I’ll really learn that listening to my body is important–and will help me live better and more effectively. Maybe I’ll live long enough to become truly wise. As Norman Cousins says, “Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences.” One of these days, I’ll really believe that when my body warns me to slow down, I’d better do it willingly–or it will find ways to make it happen!

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