Another chance…”a whole new world”…

It’s almost time for another new year to start…another chance to try to get it right.

For each of us “it” may be something different–to lose a specific number of pounds…to finish that project started years ago…to reconnect with family…to finish school…. Yet for each of us, the new year is a chance to both look back and look forward–appropriate for the month named for Janus, the god who looked both directions.

Looking back gives an opportunity to see missed opportunities…to really evaluate where we’ve been and how we’ve been doing.

And looking forward lets us see the new path before–the clean slate.

How will we connect and interact with each other? Willing to listen? to be vulnerable? to share those experiences that have made us who we are?

Or will we insist that our own understandings are the only right ones? that no one else can possibly have “the truth” if they don’t agree with us?

True, that often happens when we begin to talk religious “stuff”…but that’s not the only place. Just think of what we’ve been hearing recently in political ads? and in political action…and relationships with other countries.

We have another chance to see the world in a whole new way…can we take advantage of it?


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