One Christmas tradition

Every family has Christmas traditions…some of which are shared with other families, some of which are unique. One of ours always makes people go “huh???” when we mention it–and it is fun to see people’s reactions.

For as long as I can remember, our family (or whoever is available) has gathered for Christmas Eve dinner. Nothing unusual about that–but the menu is rather surprising…….oyster stew and waffles!

Why that combination?

It actually goes back a couple of generations. My paternal grandfather wanted oyster stew for Christmas Eve, although I’m not sure why. That was fine with my father, who also liked oyster stew. However, my grandmother and my aunt did not, and so Gram fixed waffles for them. That’s it…that’s how the tradition started. But all my life, that’s been our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

Some in the family eat both with great gusto. Some take a small (as small as possible!) bowl of the stew with only one oyster–the smallest one that can be found. (Another part of our family’s tradition has been that you have to at least try the stew–you might eventually find that you actually like it!)

Traditions are important. They can help us connect with our past and build bridges to the future–even traditions that might make others go “huh???”


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