“You have to believe in yourself…”

We went to see the new Muppets movie last weekend. I love the Muppets…love the craziness…but also the messages that they share in their stories, messages that are so important!

I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet (and I’d really, really encourage you to go!)…but the story is a simple one. A rich oilman has bought the Muppets theatre to supposedly turn it into a museum, but he really plans on tearing it down to drill for oil underneath it. Walter–a young “Muppet” whose heroes are the traditional Muppets–overhears the plan while he’s inside Kermit’s old office on a tour with his brother and girlfriend, and they track down Kermit to see what can be done. In order to save it, Kermit has to pull the old gang together from the various places they’ve gone–and they have to do put on a telethon to raise $10 million.

Since this is the Muppets after all, there are all kinds of challenges.

At one point, Walter is encouraged to perform with them, and he’s terrified. But his brother tells him “You have to believe in yourself.” That’s so easy to say to someone else–and so hard to really mean for yourself.

There’s another song in the show that says “Everything you need is right in front of you.” If we only let our eyes be open…

Those two lines have stayed with me the last several days, partially (I think) because of another book I’ve been reading about living your dreams–and not letting someone/something else kill them.

And I’ve been thinking about a dream I had when I was in high school/college…a dream about being a writer and/or editor. It wasn’t a dream that got a lot of encouragement…it wasn’t a “practical” goal to aim for. So I put it aside–let it die, I thought.

But dreams that are an essential part of you never really die. Oh they may hide for a while…perhaps even a very long time…hide so deeply that you’re not sure they’re even still around. But they’ll find ways of continuing to come around.

My dream has pushed its way back up. I’m not sure where it’s going, but it won’t leave me alone. So I’ve started nurturing it again, trying to do what Walter did…to believe in myself.

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