Earlier this month we had a staff celebratory lunch. For many this would be identified as a Thanksgiving lunch…but those who planned it titled it slightly differently–as a “thanks-living celebration.”

Yes, there were Thanksgiving decorations and a Thanksgiving menu. But thinking about it in terms of “thanks-living” made me ponder a bit.

How do I celebrate this time of year?

Is it just a time to get together with family–and pig out and watch football? Getting together with family is important…and so is the joy of eating together (but not pigging out!). But that’s not the only focus of Thanksgiving.

To think of it as Thanks-living means definitely acknowledging the blessings I’ve received…gifts of family, friends, shelter, food, a faith community… But it also means realizing that with those blessings comes responsibility–responsibility of sharing with others out of the abundance I have…whether that sharing is in the giving of food supplies so that others may have enough, giving financially to organizations that help others, making a commitment to share myself and my time…

May this Thanksgiving truly be a season of thanks-living for all of us.

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