Too hot…too cold…

In the summer I sometimes complained because it got too hot. I don’t like it when temperatures get over 100 (or the heat index gets that high).

And now? Now I find myself complaining because it’s getting too cold–and winter hasn’t even arrived yet! Temperatures are mostly in the 40s-50s with some nights dipping down into the upper 20s or lower 30s. In a month or two, we’ll probably be glad to have those temperatures as daytime highs!

Yet I love the changing seasons…love the way the landscape varies as we move through spring, summer, winter, fall.

I’ve sometimes (casually) wondered what it would be like to be in an area where the temperatures were pretty much the same year-round, but there would be too much that I would miss. Watching the spring buds–when you see just a hint of green…and then seeing the fullness of the green leaves…changing to golds and reds…and then dropping off, to give a totally different perspective on the tree…

I do like the spring and fall temperatures. That’s when I’m neither too hot or cold (at least most of the time).

But all things considered, I’ll take the opportunity of grumping occasionally about the temperatures if it means I also get to enjoy the beauty of changing Mother Earth.

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