The Missing 10%

On this Spirit Day (a day to take a stand against bullying and support LGBT equality by wearing purple), I thought it would be a good time to post this.

The best guesstimate I hear is that about 10% of the population is LGBT. We may not be aware of that 10% because many of them hide who they are–even from themselves. Why? To protect themselves–physically, emotionally, and–unfortunately–spiritually as well.

When we hide our true selves, the whole world loses, because not only is the truth about one’s sexuality hidden; often the gifts and talents of individuals become hidden as well.

And when, as is far too often the case, an individual decides they simply cannot live that way and choose to end life rather than constantly fight to be who society says they should be…or when other individuals choose to end the life of an LGBT person because they see them as an abomination…then any chance for their giftedness and talents to be shared is gone forever.

What happens when we lose 10%? Maybe the simplest way is to think about what happens to a simple nursery song when we lose 10% of the notes. Sing “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”…which has 42 notes in it. Then take out 4 notes (make one of them the last note), and see what happens when you sing it. Something important is missing…

And the same is true when we push aside 10% of our friends and loved ones.

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