God’s grandkids?

I don’t believe God has grandkids.

What do I mean by that?

Well….Perhaps I should start off by saying what I don’t mean by that. I don’t believe that God cuts people off–that there are some God chooses not to accept as part of God’s family. I believe that God reaches out to embrace everyone.

What I do believe is that while some may be members of God’s religious family because of their family heritage (i.e., parents were members of a specific denomination)–and thus, they may be “grandkids” in the sense that we refer to grandkids–until and unless they have their own personal relationship with the Divine, the relationship is really much more of an abstract one.

Yesterday we shared in the funeral of a 93-year-old family member (and yes, this relates to this idea). He and his wife were active members in our faith tradition. They had six children–but as the children have grown, with limited exceptions they have not developed their own relationship with God. One is active religiously, one is sort of active, and the rest are not. Many of the grandkids are not active religiously either–and do not have a relationship with God.

It’s not because they didn’t learn about God from their parents/grandparents. They did. For whatever reason, though, it didn’t “take”…they didn’t see a reason to “own” that relationship. And so they live life on their own, sometimes wondering why their lives have been so difficult–and not really having a solid foundation to build on and a relationship to be their support when they have had tragedies.

Sometimes the relationship seems to develop quickly…sometimes we parents may wonder if our kids are ever going to “get it.” I’m glad God is more patient than I am…

I believe that God wants all of us to be God’s children–to have that intimate, personal connection that allows us to truly feel loved…and to be challenged to be the best we can be.


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