My dog (a 17-lb schnoodle–that’s a schnauzer/poodle mix) is terrified of flies. If he sees one at the door, he won’t come in. If he hears one buzzing in the house, he’ll find a place under the desk to cower…or he’ll wrap himself around our legs, hoping that we’ll protect him.

Wasps or bees? That’s another story. He’ll attack them…kill them…eat them.

I don’t know if one stung him sometime, and so now any buzzing signifies “pain”…but that doesn’t quite make sense either, because he’ll still go after wasps.

I find in that an interesting question to ponder for my own life. Are the things that I’m afraid of in the fly category? or the wasp and bee? If I’m willing to tackle the wasps and bees, why do I let flies annoy me? After all, all they can do is buzz–they won’t hurt me.

I don’t know that Rascal will ever get over his fear of flies…but I’m sure going to work on it for me!

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