Taking a journey in time

Yesterday, we took the day for one of our favorite fall escapes–back to medieval England. The Kansas City Renaissance Festival is held every fall not too far from us…and because I am involved with playing for the graduation of the apprentices and have played for the last two coronations, we attend at least a couple of times during the season. There are many of the performers who have become friends.

There is a story line that runs through the day, although we’ve never particularly worried about following it through.

There are various musical groups–and some we look forward to hearing every year.

And there are other shows as well…a wild bird anctuary that shows (and shares information about) birds of prey they are rescuing…an incredible group of percussionist and fire dancers (there’s an article on the fire breather here)…magicians…Gypsies…jugglers…jousts…and shows that are unique to the themed weekends.

Of course, there are shops…LOTS of shops! Food shops, craft shops, pottery shops, weapon shops, clothing shops, stained glass shops…

I never go with the intention of buying–but every year I come home with something (sometimes several somethings!). Usually I end up with a piece of unique jewelry. Last year I also came home with a singing bowl.

It’s mildly bawdy. After all, it is medieval England. But the shows that are not suitable for little ears are clearly marked–and if parents decide to take their kids to them, they’ve been warned.

The bawdiest people are the ones who decide to dress up before they come out to the Faire–and sometimes I wonder if they ever bothered looking in the mirror before they left home! What were they thinking? (Or were they?)

It’s my fantasy time away from this world into a somewhat romanticized time and world–and I love it!

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