Better not be in a hurry!

Okay, so (as a follow-up to the previous post), I called a neurologist who specializes in MS today to see about getting in for an appointment to see what’s going on…since my mobility issues aren’t clearing up.


Her January schedule won’t be available until around the first of November–and that’s the earliest I could get in. Obviously, if I decide to go with her, I won’t be finding out anytime soon if what I’m dealing with is actually an MS flare-up or if it’s just some residual damage from past flare-ups that’s creating problems.

I was going to try her because she’s in my health insurance network. The one I went to last time (about 10 years ago!) isn’t in network…but I may call him and see if I can get in any sooner, since I at least have a bit of history with him.

What I’m dealing with isn’t an emergency; if it were, I’d go to the hospital. But I would like to know a little sooner than 4-5 months from now what’s going on. Oh well…


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