Early on in our married life, we ran into a road bump. Well, actually, it was more like a mountain in the way…. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), and for the first five years that we dealt with it, it was major! I spent a number of 10-day stays in the hospital, receiving IVs of ACTH to try to stop the flare-ups.

But then it (mostly) disappeared. It left behind its calling card–some residual weakness in my legs that periodically flared up if I got too tired, too stressed, too hot (which meant that I have to be really careful when I get a fever). But that didn’t happen all that often…and when it did, it didn’t last all that long.

During that time, I said to myself that if I ever had to deal with the MS “stuff” again, I would simply thank God for the good run I’ve had–and deal with grace with what happens. That’s much easier to say when it’s not actually happening!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been having significant mobility issues. They started out rather gently; in other words, my body was warning me that there were going to be some problems (warning signs that I’ve learned to heed).

So I started wearing my brace shoe…to keep my foot from dragging. It’s still dragging.

I started using my cane for support. I’ve now graduated to using my cane and/or walker around home…and my Amigo (electric cart) at work.

I find I’m still doing the “dipsy-doo” as my leg tends to buckle and my foot tends to drag. My legs (both of them to some extent, but especially my left leg) feel heavy when I walk.


Right now my mobility is dependent on my various devices. Is it going to clear up? I hope so–but I’ve not had issues like this for quite a while without having had a fever. So who knows?

I guess right now the bigger question is whether I’m going to actually live up to what I’ve said for so many years…to thank God for the good run of mobility I’ve had–and deal with grace with what is.

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