September 12…now what?

So…it’s now September 12. We’ve relived (and rehashed) the experiences of September 11…we’ve had our services of memorial and remembrance (and many of them have been beautiful experiences).

Now what?

Do we want to spend the next ten years still reliving and rehashing? And have a 25th anniversary memorial? Please understand–I am not negating the significance of the loss that so many families experienced…and for them, it may be very important to have those memorial experiences.

But what about us as a society? as a nation? as a world community?

I do think it is important for us to acknowledge significant events…life-changing events. But I hope we can do it in a way that helps move us forward, not that keeps us stuck in the past. I hope we can find ways of using those events to help bring us together–not push us further apart.

9/11 was a life-changing event–for individuals, for us as a nation, for the world community.

Can 9/12 also be one? an opportunity to make a commitment to seeing others as brothers and sisters of one global family? to commit to working together towards God’s shalom…God’s wholeness for the whole earth that God created?

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