Terrorism is terrorism…regardless

This morning (July 25) I was reading one of the blogs I particularly enjoy–Faith Matters by Bill Tammeus. I don’t always agree with him, but I find his posts always intriguing and challenging. Sometimes what is more challenging than his main post is the short “coda”–and that was true this morning.

Part of what he says is this:

It is now the task of those of us who are Christian to do what many people demand of Muslims after acts of terrorism done in the name of Islam — denounce acts of terrorism performed in the name of religion.

Of course this is in reference to the terrorism attacks in Norway this last weekend–attacks that according to a manifesto written by the perpetrator, Anders Behring Breivik, were done in order to start a Christian war against Islam in Europe.

I would hope that we have moved beyond the mindset of the medieval Crusades, a time that we can look back at in horror. But sometimes I wonder…

I do not agree with all of Islam’s teachings…but I have no reason to start a “holy war” against Muslims, nor do I want any other Christian to speak for me in calling for such a war.

If I truly believe that the God I worship is the God of all people, then God is also the God of those who are Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, other Christian, atheist…or any other religion. And I believe that God weeps when we fail to see each other as brothers and sisters…and find ways of focusing only on those things that divide us.

Whatever drove Breivik to the actions he took…whatever his goal…to say that he speaks for all Christians is as inappropriate as saying that suicide bombers speak for all Muslims. I know that Breivik does not speak for this Christian.