5 seconds to change

Life can change so quickly… even as little as 5 seconds can create major life changes.

I’ve been reminded of that in a personal way this week. My 90-year-old mother fell and broke her hip. The fall didn’t take long…we’re not even sure how it happened. But the end result is that she’s currently in the hospital. Hip surgery yesterday–which went well. But we’re dealing with the consequences.

Although she’s been able to still live in her own apartment in an assisted living facility, she’s had some mental confusion. Right now, that confusion is much worse. I’m hoping that most of the new confusion is due to the drugs still in her system and that we’ll go back to the “normal” confusion rather than facing a “new” normal.

But it’s been a challenge–trying to keep her reminded that she broke a hip…she’s had hip surgery…and she can’t get out of bed without help from the medical staff. They’ve had to post a nurse in the room to keep her from trying to get up on her own. We don’t need another 5 second incident to create further life changes!

As challenging as this is, I’ve also been reminded in other ways of how quickly life can change in 5 seconds. In the last week or so, a toddler died in a swimming pool when his mother had her back turned for 5 seconds. I can’t begin to imagine the kind of anguish that mother feels.

5 seconds…such an incredibly short time–and yet so much can change in it.


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