Raptured….or not

In many ways I feel sorry for the folks who weren’t raptured on Saturday. What do you do when you’ve staked everything on the end of the world…and it doesn’t happen?

But I also and frustrated and somewhat disgusted with those religious leaders who pore over the Bible as though it were a code that they could break so that they–and their followers–can be among the “special” folks…the only ones who “got it right.”

That’s not the purpose of the Bible!

It’s a record of people’s interaction with and understanding of God. Sometimes it’s positive…sometimes negative. Sometimes–actually often–those understandings have changed as people have discovered more about the world they live in…and as they’ve been willing to open their minds to new ideas.

People have been looking for the end of the world for years, even before Christianity. But somehow, there’s something about the Bible that has caused many who consider themselves to be followers of Christ to want to be “special”…to not have to worry about the rest of life. They’ve missed something, though…

Actually, I think they’ve missed a couple of things!

  • Christ himself is recorded as having said that only God knows when the end of time is. Not him…not the angels…and certainly not us!
  • His focus wasn’t on teaching people to be “right” so that somehow his followers could escape the problems that come from living in this world. It was on transforming this world into God’s world of shalom–wholeness.
  • We’re called to live each day as though it was going to be “the end”–and then, whatever happens, we’ve done our best.

And finally…

  • We’re to love God with all our being…and to not set anyone else in God’s place.
  • We’re to love other people as we love ourselves…and that (to me, at least) implies that we don’t set ourselves apart as someone “better than” them.

Maybe one of these days we’ll finally get it right.


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