Music – the spice of life!

This last weekend I went to two different–but exciting–concerts.

The first one was a fusion of two groups that one would normally not think about putting together…Quixotic Fusion and the strings and percussion of the Kansas City Symphony. I really didn’t have any idea what to expect–but had a fantastic 80-minute multi-sensory musical experience! The music flowed seamlessly from classical to fusion and back…there were dancers who danced solo, in groups, behind a scrim with animation…and there were incredible aeralists who interpreted the music with heart-stopping moves.

The second concert was an organ performance by Vincent Dubois,  a young (31 years old) performer who is the Director of the Conservatoire National of Reims and also the titular organist at the Cathedral of Soissons, Soissons, France. He played his entire concert from memory and literally danced up and down the keyboard with music by Bach (of course!), Schumann, Liszt, Franck, Dupré, and Saint-Sæns as well as an improvisation on two submitted themes (the hymn-tune Hyfrodol and “‘Tis a gift to be simple”).

They were very different concerts and yet they both reminded me how important music is to my life. It feeds my soul and provides the spice that life needs.

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