90 years young

This last weekend we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday. She has commented several times over this past year that she never believed she would live this long.

So how’s she doing? Well, in many ways she’s doing quite well. Yes, she has some aches and pains–especially in her left knee. She’s using a walker to get around–but she’s still getting around. She’s living in her own apartment in a care facility and is still able to get where she needs to go and visits with many of her friends who also live there.

Mentally she’s losing some of her sharpness. It’s not obvious if you just have a brief conversation with her, but if you talk very long, you’ll discover you’re having the same conversation several times–and each time is the first for her. She doesn’t keep all her stories straight, and sometimes she’s not sure who we’re talking about, even if it’s someone she’s known for 50+ years. And we have to call to to remind her of upcoming events–and when we’re picking her up.

But she still is quite a game player–we play Rook regularly on Monday nights with her and her 92-year-old sister-in-law.

I get frustrated sometimes with the issues we have to deal with, and yet I think that she’s doing incredibly well at 90 years old.

We had a lot of family and friends present for the celebrations. Yes, there were two celebrations! One was a family lunch at one of Mom’s past-favorite restaurants–a Chinese restaurant. We had a private room, and we partially closed the door because we got to laughing so hard at stories and memories we were sharing with each other. The waiters also enjoyed our enjoyment–and honored Mom as well.

Then later in the afternoon we had an open house at the Groves (where she lives) so that her friends could come by and share in cake and memories. So many people came by that we had to send someone on an emergency run for additional cake!

90 years…can you imagine the changes she’s seen? It almost boggles my mind!

And so…happy birthday to someone who’s 90 years young and…as my dad would have said…is beginning her 91st year. May you enjoy it as much as you’ve enjoyed the past 90!


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