I hate moving!

Actually, maybe it’s not the actual moving that I hate as much as it is the organizing, packing, moving “stuff” from the old place to the new one, unpacking, figuring out where to put everything, getting rid of the packing materials…

And maybe…just maybe…the problem is that I have too much “stuff.”

While moving is a great opportunity of going through the “stuff” and getting rid of what no longer fits…or is wanted…or needed, why did I collect so much in the first place??

I know that some of it is things I used to use. But if I don’t do a lot of entertaining any more, do I really need all the dishes and cookware that made that possible?

While we’re still between houses, we’re doing much of our cooking and living at the new one–and I’m discovering that we could actually get along quite nicely with probably about half the kitchen stuff I’ve had. I already know that there are some dishes I’m going to let go of…wondering just how much more I can release.

Clothing is another matter. I keep thinking about–and think I’m actually going to put into practice this year!–a way of finding out just what clothes I actually do wear. If I put a safety pin in every item and then take it out when I wear it, that should let me know which of my clothes are needed…and which are just taking up space.

Books…don’t even get me started on them! I love books…even ones I haven’t read in a long time. But when we moved, it was time to figure out which ones I really want to keep. There’s a big pile I’m letting go of–mostly because I can access them easily from the library. But oh, it was hard! Kind of like letting go of old friends.

I just read a blog about clearing out clutter. Sounds good–I’d like to really do it. It’s just so much easier not to even let the stuff come in the door, because once it’s in my house, it’s like it takes up residence and clings to me for dear life when I’m trying to tell it “Good-bye.”

So maybe what I hate really isn’t moving…but the fact that the move tells me where my treasure and heart are–and it’s not where I really want them to be. Wake-up call!