Customer service

Yesterday morning my (almost) 90-year-old mother had a couple of doctor appointments I needed to take her to. There was about an hour between them, so we stopped at a fast-food restaurant for breakfast.

Talk about a challenge! 

She was not at all certain what she wanted to order. She kept looking at the list of possibilities…asked me what was good…and still couldn’t make a decision. Fortunately the restaurant was not busy. One individual came in behind us, and I suggested he go ahead and order, since we were still making up our minds.

It could very easily have been an aggravating situation for the young man waiting to take our order. But instead, he was a great example of customer service! He kept smiling, treated us with respect (and that doesn’t always happen to 90-year-old women who have mild dementia)…and when we finally placed our order, he encouraged us to find seats and he would bring it out to us.

We did–and when he brought the tray, he again greeted us warmly, asking if there was anything else we needed.

At a time–and in an area–where customer service often is more obvious by its lack, this young man was a great example of what it could (and should) be. Before we left, I saw his supervisor and expressed my appreciation, because far too often we only share complaints. She looked a little surprised–but thanked me for sharing.

Maybe if we made more of a point of acknowledging the good/positive things that happen to us, we’d find more of them… suppose?