That’s what they’re calling the snowstorm that’s hit the midwest portion of the United States–and is moving up to the East Coast.

It’s beautiful–if you can stay inside and just look out. But what about those who have to be out in it?

There are some who–for whatever reasons–won’t (or can’t) go to shelters. And of course there are those whose jobs require them to be out in it…street maintenance crews, emergency personnel, weather people…Thank God for these folks!

The kids love it…at least right now. They won’t love it so much when school gets extended into the summer months, but cancelling school is the right call to make. It’s better to keep the kids safe–there have already been cases of buses sliding off roads. And some kids, through no fault of their own, are hardly dressed to wait for delayed buses in below-zero wind chills.

We can either complain about all the inconveniences…or we can be thankful if we have a warm place to ride it out, whether that’s in a shelter, at an airport waiting for a flight, or somewhere else. Or we can choose to complain about it.

I’d rather enjoy its beauty!


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