The cursed car

Have you ever wondered why bad things just seem to happen to some? Normally we think of that in relationship to people–but we had a car that I think must have had a curse placed on it somewhere in its life!

It was a dark green Plymouth…don’t remember what year (and besides, I’m one of those people who can’t look at a car and tell you make or year to save my life!). It was a nice little car we had bought from my mother. Nothing fancy…just a good basic car.


The first inkling of a problem was when my husband started to back it out of the driveway….and ran into someone, taking out a tail-light.

Then one of our foster sons had taken it to visit some friends. He was a little late coming back and so was going a little faster than he should. He hit a slick spot in the road…slid…and ended up parking it on top of a fire hydrant! He wasn’t hurt, but the car was…off to the garage to replace the radiator.

At the time we were selling Miracle Maid cookware. While we were at a party, someone backed out of their driveway across the street, broadsiding the car.

Another time my husband was driving it…minding his own business on the road…and a driver sideswiped him. Again…no personal injuries.

Several other small accidents happened. No personal injuries, but the car was beginning to look the worse for wear.

The final straw (for us) was when we were helping a friend who was doing some printing. I had parked the car well off the road–partially on the sidewalk–in front of his house. Suddenly we heard a loud “Crash!” Looking out the window, I saw that a car had rounded the corner too quickly and took out my parked car. No injuries–but the young man was not happy with me calling the police, since he either had no license or was driving on an expired or suspended license (I can’t remember for sure which).

We’d only had the car about a year–but enough is enough! It still ran well, even though it was looking pretty pathetic. We had heard of someone who needed an inexpensive car to get around, and so we sold it to that family. Within a few weeks we heard that while it had been parked on a hill, the family’s children had gotten inside to play, and somehow released the brake so that the car rolled backward down the hill–totaling it. Fortunately, no injuries.

Believe it or not, the engine still ran well…but that’s about the only part of the car that did. I’ve never had a car before or since that seemed to be as cursed as that one.