Music is inborn…

I think there must be something in our DNA that requires music. For some of us, it’s classical music…for others it may be a different combination of notes. But it’s within us.

The first time I became aware of that was when our son was about 3 years old. I was listening to some PDQ Bach. I don’t even remember which one of the pieces it was. If you’ve never heard Peter Schickele present PDQ Bach’s music, here’s a brief example:

As the record played, I noticed my son giggling and chortling…and finally roaring with laughter. I asked him what was so funny and, with an expression that told me I was dense, he replied “The music!”  He’d never heard it before…

Then a few days ago, another friend told me about a YouTube video of a 3-year old conducting Beethoven:

The absolute joy in his face as he conducts is delightful! As is his giggling exuberance at the end.

As I think about my son’s reaction so many years ago–and watched this delightful child, I have hope…hope that even in a time when funding for the arts keeps getting cut, there is something inside us that won’t let it die. We have to have it in our lives.


One thought on “Music is inborn…

  1. Thank you for sharing. We are in the midst of striving to find out what direction to take regarding our church building and this has given me an idea for communion Sunday. Thank you and God bless you Pam.

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