“Make me an instrument of Your peace.”

As I was sitting in the Daily Prayer for Peace service today, I got to thinking about this statement…Here’s my musings on it.

“Make me an instrument of your peace.” That sounds (and reads) like such a simple statement. But living it out…there’s the rub.

How do we be instruments of God’s peace–when confronting injustices leads to intense disagreement and confrontation?

Does being an instrument of that peace mean always trying to keep things calm? to smooth things over?

I don’t think so, although that’s something I’ve struggled with–and still do.

God’s peace isn’t limited to merely absence of war or conflict, although that’s an important part of it. God’s peace–shalom–encompasses wholeness, reconciliation, justice…and that requires confronting injustice, beliefs and actions that bring division and brokenness.

But the confrontation doesn’t need to be violent–at least on my part. Think of the civil rights protestors. They confronted injustice nonviolently in order to work towards peace.

So have we misunderstood–or misinterpreted the beatitude that says “Blessed are the peacemakers”? By focusing only on peace as the absence of war, have we robbed that beatitude of its power?

Help us understand…that we may truly become instruments of Your peace.

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