365 Thank-yous

While I was at the dentist earlier this week, I saw a story on “Good Morning, America” that really intrigued me. I hadn’t heard of him before, but apparently John Kralik has a book out called 365 Thank Youshis story of how his life changed over the course of a year as he intentionally wrote a thank-you to someone every day of the year.

Although I couldn’t hear everything he said, the thought intrigued me.

What would happen if I intentionally said “thank you” to someone every day this next year? Not just say it…but write–hand write–a brief note to them?

Kralik’s life apparently was in a mess when he started the project. He began it to see if he could change his focus. He did…and his life changed. That’s very similar to what my spiritual advisor had me do a few years ago when I was going through a really rough time at work–to find three things per day that were positive. Occasionally it was easy; often, though, I had to subdivide one thing in order to find three.

But I keep coming back to this question…what would happen? And could I think of enough people to thank? Kralik acknowledged that that might be a challenge–but that when that happened to him, he began to look closer, thanking the people whom he bought coffee from. So who are the “little people” that I take for granted?

I’m thinking that this is going to be a major project for next year for me… Not because of anything I can get out of it, but because of what it can give. I know that at times those notes have saved me…now it’s time to pass it on.

Who’s willing to join me? One note at a time…can we change our world?