After a family Thanksgiving feast yesterday, we were invited to spend the rest of the evening with some family members, watching the movie Stomp. I’d heard of the group before…and had seen little snippets here and there. But I’d never seen what they really can do. Theyr’e incredible!!

Apparently the group has changed personnel at times, because some of the folks we saw were different–but the work they do is still impressive. Here’s a montage:

It’s not just percussion….it’s not just dance…

And they don’t use fancy instruments…just everyday, ordinary stuff. Well, okay….some of the things you might not have just laying around your house. But a lot you do….and one of the most incredible sections to me used nothing but the human body to create an incredibly complex and sophisticated  experience.

If I were teaching music appreciation, this would certainly be in my repertoire of resources!

What an incredible way


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