Happy Thanksgiving…and thanks-living

I want to wish all my friends a happy thanksgiving. May you be blessed with true friendship and a joyful life.

We had our thanksgiving service at church a week ago to allow folks to attend who might otherwise be traveling. As I was preparing for it–looking up some Thanksgiving Day trivia (fun and otherwise)–I was reminded again of just how significant that first Thanksgiving was.

The people who were celebrating it had been through a more difficult time than I can imagine. Only about 40-50% of those who had made the voyage survived–and their food supplies were running low. Yet they were still able to give thanks.

I have a warm home, plenty of food, and have basically had a healthy life. And yet, how often do I forget to give thanks?

Thanksgiving Day is simply that–a day. My challenge is to be a “thanks-living” person…to live every day in appreciation of how I am blessed…and to consider how I can share that blessing with others.


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