Boring could be nice

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy my life…at least most of the time! But sometimes I’d like a little boredom!

Just about the time one situation seems to be getting under control, another breaks out…and of course, they never seem to be easy ones. For whatever reasons, they are ones that stretch and challenge me in all kinds of directions.

If the “challenges” were all related to one part of my life, that would be one thing. At least I’d have some idea of what to expect. But no…they come from work…church…family…personal…medical… Nothing seems exempt!

I know that some stress is good in our lives, and I don’t mind that. In fact, in a lot of ways, I work better under pressure–when there is a specific goal that needs to be accomplished in a specific time period. But when that goal is accomplished, then there should be at least a little down time before the next one arises.

Oh well…I’m beginning to think that the only time my life is going to get boring is when I’m no longer breathing, and I’d prefer to put that off as long as possible!

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