The old gray mare…

She ain’t what she used to be!

Last week I picked up whatever the cold/flu bug is that’s been going around our area. For the first time in a long time I spent several days lounging around in my pajamas…not doing much of anything but sleeping. That’s unusual for me! Even when I don’t feel really good, I usually find a way to do some reading–but not this time. Pajamas and bed…

As a result, some weaknesses related to my MS (multiple sclerosis) have kicked in, and I’ve had to haul out of the closet my brace shoe, my cane, and my electric cart. I haven’t pulled the walker out yet, but that may be coming. Normally if something kicks in, I need either my brace shoe (to keep my foot from dragging) or my cane (to help keep my balance when my knee buckles)–but not both. The electric cart I use at other times to save my energy, so that’s not particularly surprising. But I’m wondering if I need to pull the walker out so that I don’t twist my knee when/if it buckles.

Usually the weakness clears up pretty quickly. This time it hasn’t. I’m still dealing with it…and wondering if it’s back to stay.

I was diagnosed with MS back in 1976. The first ten years were not good–spent more times than I care to think about in the hospital getting stuck with needles for IVs of ACTH, which did seem to help. Then all of a sudden, it seemed to basically go into remission–no major exacerbations, no major problems. Sure, there were little ones–if I got too tired, too hot, or ran a bit of a fever, then the residual weakness would kick in for a day or two.

So I’ve had 25 really good years–years when I could pretty well do what I wanted to. I’d like to think that that’s going to continue, but who knows? If it does, then thanks be to God! If not, then thanks be to God for the time I’ve had–and for being with me in the present. I’ll just deal with what is…and remind myself that all things can work together for good if we’ll let God in the middle of them.

The old gray mare…she ain’t what she used to be! But there’s still a lot of good years ahead!!


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