Being aware

Earlier this summer I became aware of just how much I wasn’t being aware! When I stepped out on my front porch, there was a toad sitting by the door. Apparently he’d been there several days (according to my husband), and I had walked right past him each morning. I decided I’d better open my eyes!

He was there the next morning–but hasn’t been there since. For several days I saw evidence of him, since he’d decided to make himself a cool home in my pansy pot. But then that hole got filled in, and he didn’t bother to dig another one, apparently finding a new place.

But that experience challenged me to really pay attention to the world around me as I went through it…and I’ve been at times pleasantly surprised at what I’ve seen. It’s not that there’s been anything huge and spectacular, but maybe that’s the point.

There’s a song from Flower Drum Song that catches up the experience I’ve had…”A Hundred Million Miracles.” Part of the lyrics say “A hundred million miracles are happening every day…and those who say they do’t agree are those who do not see.”

I’ve become aware that miracles are happening every day. They’re not all big, spectacular ones…but when our eyes are open and our minds are aware, we can see them happening all around. Maybe I needed the toad to remind me to be aware…to open my eyes to see the miracles. How about you?

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