…as a child…

We visited Powell Gardens yesterday morning. We–meaning my husband, 12-year-old grandson, and me. Our primary purpose was to visit the butterfly house, and that was great fun. Lots of butterflies to see, although unfortunately it appears that none of the big moths have yet hatched. And we wanted to see the “big bug” sculptures that are placed throughout the gardens as well.

We hadn’t been there for a while, and in our wanderings, we came across a new area–the Fountain Garden.

Because we were under a significant heat advisory, we had arrived at the garden as soon as it opened so that we could try to get finished before it got too hot. And that had mostly worked. But we were still quite warm by the time we reached the fountain.

Several youngsters were playing in it…and it didn’t take our grandson long to decide that he wanted in there as well, even though we hadn’t brought any towels or dry clothes.

Nor did it take me long either! I need to watch the heat because of some health issues, and I sat under an umbrella back from the fountain a little bit…thinking that it sure looked like fun in the fountain. Finally I left my purse and phone with my husband…took my shoes and socks off…and joined our grandson in the fountain. The water jets rose and fell–and we got absolutely soaked…and it felt marvelous!

As we left, we passed another couple about our ages, watching the kids from a raised overlook. The man grinned a bit and asked, “How on earth did they talk you into that?”

And I thought…how too bad it is when we lose our inner child and think we have to be serious and solemn grownups all (or most of) the time. Lightening up is good for the soul!

Jesus told us to become as little children. I don’t believe that means we are to become “childish”–but to become as a child means to trust…to play…to enjoy life with all that life has to offer.

Let’s play!

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