I’ve been learning some things about myself this weekend…

My husband has been at Santa University in Colorado, learning how to be a better Santa. He left Thursday morning (early) and will be back Tuesday night… So it’s been just me and Rascal (our schnoodle).

There are elements of this time alone that I really do like. In some ways I have more flexibility, even though I have needed to stay on a similar schedule because of work constraints.

But I don’t like being alone at night. I hear all the creaks–and my imagination has a field day!

I also find it far too easy to simply fritter away some of that precious time. There’s no one calling me to account for my time, and so it easily slips away.

I have a list of things I want / plan to accomplish, but so far not too many of them have been checked off. Looks like I’m back in the situation where I seem to work best–under pressure! (That’s another of the things I am continuing to learn about myself.)

Alone time is good…but I’m looking forward to having the physical presence–not just the phone presence–of the other half of our partnership back. We really do work better as a team!

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