As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m exhausted! Both physically and mentally.

The physical exhaustion comes from the amount of organ playing I did at our World Conference last week. It’s a busy, busy week…we take care of the legislative activities and actions that need to be done for the world church. But more than that, there are also a number of worship activities as well–every night except Wednesday as well as in the morning and sometimes in the middle of the day. There is also music needed for some of the legislative sessions as well.

Because of circumstances beyond our control, a friend of mine (who is the principal organist for our denomination) and I ended up doing the bulk of the playing. I had a color-coded chart, indicating what each of us was supposed to be playing each day–as well as the rare times that we were able to use one of our staff organists. There was a lot of yellow (her color) and orange (my color) on the chart. I found myself sometimes wondering, “Okay, what day is this? Where am I supposed to be? and when?”

A couple of days I ended up playing 3-4 services…

I knew I’d be tired once Conference was over and the adrenaline rush that kept me going faded. It’s happened before. But I keep forgetting just how exhausted I get! It’s an exhilerating week–but once I crash, I crash hard. I’ve tried going into work for a few hours a couple of days this week, especially since I’m going to be out for some minor surgery next week. But I would just sit there and look at the piles of stuff I needed to deal with.

So I finally decided that it would be wiser to just stay home and rest. That’s a really hard decision for me, since I don’t like to be forced to stop! But my body was telling me it was time–and if I didn’t pay attention, it would do more to make me stop! And I didn’t want to go there.

There’s also been some emotional exhaustion. There were some significant spiritual experiences last week that have transformed our lives–and I’m still coming to grips with that.


I’m resting…gaining strength for the journey ahead. And knowing that there’s nothing wrong with being exhausted–but I need to learn (again!) to listen to my body in order to travel the path we’re being called to travel.

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