Reasoning together – part 2

Our Conference is over. It’s been quite a week!

I’m exhausted from playing the organ a lot…but that’s another story.

We had some potentially divisive issues to deal with–about 26 resolutions dealing in one way or another with issues of sexuality and ordination and marriage. The resolutions came from many different parts of the church-and did not all take the same position. How were we going to deal with them?

The last time we had contentious issues, we did not deal with them well. There were personal attacks, harsh rhetoric, and a major split in the church.

This time…it was different.

There were definitely differing opinions / perspectives / understandings. But even as they were being shared, there was a spirit of peace and reconciliation. Even those who disagreed with decisions that were made expressed appreciation for the process. I did not hear any personal attacks. I did hear passionate concerns–but even in the midst of those, I heard care for each other.

The decisions that were made will not have gone far enough for some…and will have gone too far for others. And there are still lots of questions as to how they will all play out.

But during this week, there was a strong sense that each cared for the welfare of others…and I am so thankful!

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