Prayer for Peace

My faith tradition has a daily service called the Prayer for Peace that┬átakes place at 1:00 CDT at our Temple. It’s not a long service–only about 15-20 minutes,but every day of the year, there is a prayer for peace for our world–with a focus on a different country each day.

The music is not complicated–a hymn and a closing ministry of music. Today I played for it, along with a friend visiting from Korea who is a professional violinist. I always look forward to playing with Moses, because he has a passion for quality music and a sensitivity to the service as well.

We’ve played classical pieces, organ pieces that have a solo line that’s easily pulled out for the violin, folksongs… Today we played “Gabriel’s Oboe” on violin and organ. It’s an exquisite piece…and caught up for me (and others) the yearning that has no words for a world at peace…a world where there is equitable distribution of resources so that all have enough…a world that sees value in each person…that delights in the beauty and diversity of the natural world that surrounds us and sees value in protecting it…

Sometimes–especially now–I get so caught up in all the “stuff” that’s sitting on my desk, waiting to get done, that I forget the things that are more important.

May I continue to be reminded–as the music reminded me today–that there are yearnings that can be put into words…and yearnings that cannot. But that they can all be prayed.