An incredible couple of weeks…

I’ve been watching the Olympics the last couple of weeks…

What an incredible couple of weeks this has been! Some bizarre accidents…some very poignant experiences…and some powerful performances!

What a tragedy to start the Olympics–with the death of the young Georgian competitor in the luge who was so excited in being there…

Luge is one of the sports I enjoy watching (along with bobsled, skeleton, half-pipe and a few others)…but where I also think the competitors must be half-nuts!

Half-pipe–the extreme snowboarding…I remember last Olypics when Shaun White won, and so I was interested in watching him defend it this year. How on earth do they do it??

I felt sorry for Lindsey Vonn who went into the games with such high hopes and had such lousy luck. But she was graceful under pressure…as was her teammate Julie Mancuso who got caught in that bizarre situation in the slalom when Lindsey slammed into the fence and broke her finger…and Julie got flagged down midway through the course!

Of course, one of my favorite sports is the figure skating. I was so proud of Evan Lysacek of the US–the gold medal winner. Not just because he skated so well, but because of his gracious responses to the less-than-gracious reactions of Yevgeny Plushenko, who acted as though his acceptance of the gold was guaranteed.

And then the women’s figure skating…what an emotional roller-coaster! The pressure on the young Korean and Japanese favorites–especially Yu-na Kim, who wrote in an essay just prior to the competition that she was afraid that if she faltered, the entire country would turn their backs on her. Well, they should be proud of her now! She skated an incredible performance–and absolutely blew everyone else away.

And then, talk about grace under pressure…Joannie Rochette, who was looking forward to her parents watching her skate, only to have her mother die of a massive heart attack two days before competition began. I don’t know if I could have done what she did–but what a tribute to her mother.

I’m not usually a hockey fan–but I couldn’t ignore the US – Canada men’s gold medal game…not this time. It moves SO quickly! I was sorry that the US team did not get gold, but they shouldn’t be ashamed of the silver! They played hard, they played well…and the Canadians also deserve congratulations for a hard-played game.

I can’t imagine the dedication it takes for these young people to reach this level of performance–but I admire their passion and their skill…even (or maybe especially) those who didn’t end up with medals. As long as they did their best, they should be proud of themselves!

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