Living from crisis to crisis

I sometimes wonder what causes / allows some individuals / families / countries to seemingly live from crisis to crisis…with apparently no hope for a better future.

One case in point obviously is Haiti. It seems like every time the people of the country just begin to get back on their feet, something else smacks them down–either a political crisis or a cause created by a natural disaster.

Another situation is a family I know who seem to constantly lurch from crisis to crisis…job loss…abusive situations…relationship problems…and the list goes on and on.

I cannot subscribe to the belief that has been unfortunately too widely voiced by some “good Christians” that people / countries who suffer like this are being punished by God for some unknown sin they’ve committed or some devilish pact they’ve made. That is not the God I worship.

Some situations are created out of events beyond immediate human control…although human decisions do have impact on how the crises affect situations.  Causing / allowing unstable areas to be crowded with people who have no safe housing or clean water will create dangerous situations when the earth rumbles. But when people have no other choice as to where to live, do we then turn around and blame them? I don’t think so.

In other situations, allowing hormones to overrule common sense definitely can impact the lives of individuals–when unexpected pregnancies cause people to live in situations that are not healthy for any of them…physically or emotionally. Are they to blame? Well, they have some responsibilities…but blaming does not get them the counseling or other help they need.

But I also know other people who have been in similar situations who have been able to turn their lives around…to somehow have at least one thing work right that causes a small change that leads to bigger changes.

Why them and not others? I don’t have the answer…just questions. The one thing I do believe is that it is not some kind of divine punishment!

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