Been haunted…

I’ve been haunted all night by a video I saw on CNN yesterday. It was taken right after the earthquake, showing the immediate aftermath.

There was a warning that it contained graphic material. I thought I could handle it–figured it would deal with severe injury and death. And there was some of that.

But the scene that continues to haunt me came about a minute in.

The camera is focused on what appears to have been a school. You can see faces through a small whole…and a few seconds later, in a different place along the wall, there is a hand reaching through a crevice and waving as though asking for someone to help. You can almost see the face, but not quite…and there is no way for anyone to get through because the space is too thin.

As I said, it haunts me. I think the odds are pretty good that the hand will continue waving for help–until the building either collapses more or the lack of food / water brings an end. And there is nothing I can do…

 CNN video

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