Not sure what to hope for…

There’s a horrific case unfolding in my community this week…at the moment, six members of one family accused of sexually abusing at least some of the children of one of the family members. I have known one of the men. Not well, but attended church at times with him and his wife. And his wife works in the same place I do.

My stomach just clenches each time I hear a news person say “And now for the update on the breaking sex scandal…”. I wonder what’s coming next.

And I find myself hoping both that the story is true and that it’s not true. If it is indeed true, then children were horribly abused by individuals they should have been able to trust. And the lives some of the individuals lived as ministers were lies. But if the accusations are the result of a bitter dispute between one of the men and an ex-wife–which some are claiming–then it is also tragic, and a number of lives have been ruined. Reputations can never be recovered.

So I find myself torn…and able only to pray for healing for all involved. Whichever story is true indicates a terrible rift between family members who once loved and trusted each other–and only God can bring the healing that is so desperately needed.