Closing a chapter

This last weekend we had a sale at my mother’s condo of the things that she did not take with her when she moved to the nursing home.

When my brothers were here earlier this summer–when she moved–we each were able to take the things that we really wanted…the things that were significant memories to us. And Mom was able to enjoy watching what we selected–and knowing why.

So I didn’t think that the sale would be a “big thing.” And yet…

Most of the time I was able to see items leave with no problem, pleased that many of them went to people who had known and respected and loved my parents, people who wanted something to remember them by. Many of them will be helping others create special memories.

But occasionally, something went by and I found myself wincing a bit. Not because it was something I wanted to keep, but because some small item triggered thoughts that this really was the end of a chapter of life… I still have the memories, just not all of the things that might connect to them–but then I can’t keep all the “things.”

The time is coming closer when I will be the senior member of my family, and I think that’s probably what underlies some of the wincing I found myself doing. In many ways, I’m not ready for that–and yet, it’s coming, whether I’m ready or not. It’s part of life’s cycle.

Most of what Mom had left has now found new homes. Some I know where…much of it went to people I don’t know, but who found something they could use or that met a need or desire. And so, while one chapter of life closed, its closing has opened new chapters for others, and I’m glad.

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