I’m disappointed…

I had hoped that today there would be a step taken toward equality by the California Supreme Court…and I’m disappointed.

At one point in my life I would have understood–and probably stood with–those who are so convinced that it’s wrong. But my thinking has dramatically shifted…for a number of reasons.

One is a personal one–my brother and his partner were among those who got married during the “legal” window, and so their marriage will continue to be recognized. And yet, I have other friends who have not been as fortunate–or who have not lived in states where it was possible.

But my thinking had begun to change even before my brother came out to us.

Yes, I’ve heard the religious arguments…the statements from Leviticus that are pulled out to support opposition to homosexual marriage. But I’ve also done my own studying and have come to a different understanding of what was being talked about in those passages. Besides…if we must continue to literally obey those specific scriptures, then why is it permissible…

  • to eat shellfish?
  • to wear clothes of mixed fibers?
  • to not stone disobedient and sassy children?
  • to not kill those who commit adultery?

And how does making sacramental the commitment of two people who love each other–but who are the same sex–put my heterosexual marriage in jeopardy?

I do not understand… I have seen same-sex couples whose commitment to each other puts to shame some who claim a belief in heterosexual marriage only. And yet they have not been able to sacramentally honor that commitment–to receive the support of a faith community.

I ache for those who continue to feel rejected and cast out…and continue to hope that one day we will grant each other the grace we desire for ourselves.

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