I don’t have enough to do…

Yeah, right!

I just finished a project that I was about two weeks behind on…still have somewhere between 30-40 international songs to notate as potential submissions for our new hymnal project…am helping to host a recital Sunday afternoon…co-teach the senior high Sunday school class on Sunday morning…have a drama to write to use in a couple of weeks…need to write hymn tunes for 3-4 more texts…

 So that’s why I agreed to play in the band for my congregation on Sunday. They didn’t have a bass player available, so I suggested using our keyboard. Guess that’s what I get for making the suggestion!

I guess I still have trouble saying “no”–especially when it’s for things that I really do enjoy doing. Only problem is that then I get stressed out, trying to make sure I get everything done–done well and on time.

Perfectionism can be a curse…and perfectionism integrated with many years of feeling that I was “supposed” to do everything I was asked to do can REALLY be a curse.

I’m learning that not everything has to be absolutely perfect…and that it’s okay to say “no”. But it’s still a challenge!

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