What More Do You Want?

I think God has a great sense of humor!

The bathtub is my relaxation place…I enjoy soaking and doing some of my recreational reading there. Last night I was taking an early bath, getting ready for the one night that we watch TV shows (NCIS, The Mentalist, and Without a Trace)…and reading some old Guideposts magazines.

As I was reading some of the experiences people were sharing, I found myself wishing that I could have something similar–something that would leave no doubt in my mind but that I had had an experience with God.

Almost immediaely, the thought came into my mind–“What more do you want?” It wasn’t an impatient thought–more like a parent who is amusedly frustrated with a child who is never satisfied with what they are given or what has been done for them.

And it made me stop and think.

I have always said that I needed to allow God to work with others as God chooses–that because each of us is a unique person, our interactions with God will also be unique. But here I was, wanting something just like someone else’s experience–not my own.

Yet I’ve had my own experiences with God…and as I sat thinking, I realized that I need to pay attention to the ways in which I have been richly blessed.

Perhaps I haven’t had the same kind of miraculous experience that I was reading about–but I have gone into 2009 blessed in ways I would not have dreamed about at the beginning of 2008…when I was still struggling with bitterness, anger, and resentment.

  • I am waking up each morning looking forward to what the day brings.
  • I have forgiven someone who hurt me deeply–and the heavy burden that I was carrying has been lifted, leaving my steps so much lighter!
  • I have asked for–and received–forgiveness from that individual, without having to give specifics…and am now free to laugh and worship freely with them.
  • I am finding new opportunities at work–some of them are a bit scary, but they are also exciting as well. Last year I was just surviving at work.
  • Old dreams are finding new ways of being expressed.
  • Laughter is coming easily.
  • I am at peace–with myself and with others.

What more can I want than what God has already richly blessed me with? Thanks be to God!