What did you give?

In our senior high class we’ve been talking about the various gifts the young people have. They’re not unusual young folks…and they struggle with many issues–peer pressure about sex and drugs, family issues, homelessness… Some of them don’t feel like they have much to offer.

Today, my son taught the class. He suggested that in this season of giving, the question we most often ask after Christmas is “What did you get?” But if we really mean what we say about the reason for this season, we ought to turn that question around and ask, “What did you give?”

So we gave them a list of possible gifts they might see in themselves–some of them using talents they might have…others more simple (a smile, a hug, listening…). We asked them to find three…and then we asked them to give those gifts to their family, friends, or schoolmates in the next week and a half.

But I wondered…how many times do I focus on “What did I get?” rather than “What did I give?” at this time of year. God gave the greatest gift of love. What am I willing to give?

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