All Truth

I belong to a denomination which is basically non-creedal. My dad always used to say that if we had one, he would say that it was “all truth.” I thought that was intriguing–and I still do…because depending on where you put the emphasis on those two words, you can get a very different understanding.

So how do I look at my church? Do I believe it has all truth? or that it’s looking for all truth?

If I believe that my church has all truth, then I think I have just limited God! There is nothing to learn from anyone else–and there is nothing else for God to share.

Or does my church seek all truth? If I look at those two words from this perspective, then I am humbled…Truth is not limited to my own understanding–or even to my own church’s or the broader Christian tradition. This allows –in fact, encourages–me to be a lifelong seeker…to be open to hearing others…to understand that each of us sees things from our own perspective–and as we share that with each other, we begin to see truth more clearly.

In some ways this can be frightening…but it is also incredibly exciting as well–and liberating. It permits me to admit that I may actually be wrong at times; I don’t have to have all the answers and be perfect.

All Truth…seeking to understand it opens so many doors and marvelous opportunities…