The End…or the Beginning

Well, today’s the day…

I got up at 5:45 to go to the polls…stood in line for about an hour to vote. Not as bad as I was afraid it might be–or as I think it will probably be later today. My number was 73, and quite often we haven’t reached that many voters by the end of the day…and this was only an hour in.

I am so ready for this election to happen! I hope it’s the end…but I’m also afraid that it may only be the beginning of another round of complaints/arguments.

Why is it so difficult for us to work with each other? I can understand disagreements with each other about our perceptions of the issues and how to deal with them…but if we can focus on the goals we are trying to meet, surely we can come up with a variety of ways to work on them.

This campaign has had so many ugly moments–personal attacks, refusal to take people at their word, pandering to the worst in human nature…

I hope and pray that we can find ways to bridge the gaps–no, the canyons–that have either been exposed or have developed between good people on different sides of issues. Disagreements do not make someone else an enemy–and often there are valid differing ways of looking at a problem.

May we come to recognize that all of us are Americans who want the best for our country–and may we be willing to work together to find the best solutions.