Kids! – Part 2

Yes, sometimes our kids drive us absolutely nuts (see yesterday’s post). But they also can make us very proud.

Our son has been struggling with learning how to be a single parent to his 10-year-old son the last several months..and they both have been struggling with the aftermath of the breakup of what appeared from the outside at least to be a good marriage. Yes, one with some stresses and strains–as every marriage has…but one that appeared to be making it, only to explode in an incredibly difficult way.

It has not always been easy for them–or for us, since we often take care of our grandson. And yet, they are learning how to cope. Yes, there are wounds yet to heal–and scars that I’m sure will last a lifetime.

But they have been forging a closer relationship…learning to understand themselves and each other better. That will undoubtedly be a longtime process, especially since our grandson is rapidly approaching the tween and then teen years!

But I am proud of them.

I’m also proud of our daughter and her family. They have also had what seems like more than their fair share of problems and issues. Her oldest son died on his 21st birthday, having come back to the States from Iraq but not having been home before he died in a tragic accident. Her husband has had some significant health issues–just recently culminating in open-heart surgery, and she has been dealing with her own health issues as well.

But they–along with her youngest son–have come to terms with all of this. He has just been discharged from the Army…just gotten married…and he and his wife have come back “home” to jobs and to be available to help the folks if needed.

Do either of the kids make all the decisions we would have liked them to? No…but they are both good people, people who are hard workers and who have touched the lives of many.

Yes, I do understand why parents get white hairs…but I’m also proud of my kids.

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