I’m tired of politics…so I’m going to think about something else. 

Why is it that some things we think are just basic parts of staying organized seem to go right over the heads of our kids? For example…keeping a checkbook register!

Maybe it’s because they’re so techno-oriented…they can go online any time to get the information, so why do they need to keep track of it with paper and pen?

Only problem with that is…forgetting to enter a check–or a deposit…and there goes your extra money for the month!

We’ve always kept check registers…reconciled statements (although sometimes having to reconcile two statements together)…known how much was in our checkbook. So why is that such a hard pattern to follow? Laziness? rebellion (i.e., I’m not going to do what my parents do)?

Or is it just that some kids have to learn things the hard way? and it takes several knocks on the head to get there??

I knew there was a reason parents get white hairs!

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