Being a Good Steward…

This has been one of those weeks from hell…you know, the kind where you have meetings every day from morning to night, no time to get anything else done, no time to eat… Then this weekend was the annual Peace Colloquy that my denomination holds–and I was also heavily involved in that.

For me, while I enjoy the fellowship that takes place during those weeks, they do wreak havoc on my body. I have to have a nap every day for health reasons (I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1976)–and quite often the only time available is while everyone else is eating lunch. So I decide that I need the sleep more than I need the food–because I can always catch something later (but often don’t).

And when I’m involved in playing the piano or organ (or otherwise involved in upfront ministry), I also go lighter on my fluids…

So by the time those weeks are over, I’m hungry–but I’m also not. And what sounds good initially to break the self-imposed fast is not always the best choice.

You’d think I’d learn after all these years! But I did it again today…ate lunch at a local Chinese buffet. The food was delicious–I took my favorites…General Tso’s chicken, sesame chicken, orange chicken, cashew chicken, crab rangoon… Most of the way through, I decided that my eyes had been bigger than my stomach (which has shrunk during the week–again). But also, my stomach was letting me know that my choices had not necessarily been the wisest.

Got home–ready to take my nap. But my choices began to haunt me. When I’ve been under stress, that also factors in–especially when I begin to let down after the event has finished. And that was all true again this afternoon.

Good thing I have a lot of reading material in the bathroom!!

It keeps me thinking, though…I believe that I am called to be a good steward–and that includes taking care of my body. In some ways I do that well…but there’s also a long way to go! One of these days–hopefully–the “head knowledge” I have about what it takes to be a good steward will fully become a part of my choices…

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