Generational Warfare

Last weekend I heard this term used in reference to our presence in the Middle East…the thought that we might be looking at “generational warfare.”

I have to admit–I was appalled!

That is exactly what we are currently facing–generation after generation who have grown up knowing no other option than warfare… And that is not the dream or the hope that I have for our involvement with other peoples!

To even consider the thought that the next generation–or two…or three–may grow up expecting to find themselves involved in some nebulous war with some unseen presence in some country thousands of miles away–that some of this country’s leaders see no other option than that–is one of the most frightening things I have heard.

It is too heavy a cost…in too many ways.

  • Too many lives are lost and dreams diminished. Not just American lives, but all lives–all are valuable.
  • We mortgage our future.
  • Monies that could–and should–have been spent on helping to educate…feed…house…are spent instead on materials with no purpose other than to destroy.
  • We begin to see those who are not “like us” as fundamentally flawed–as evil in some way.
  • Our credibility and our moral stature are damaged. That has happened to some extent now–but not to the extent that I see this having the potential for…


I think that even considering the prospect of “generational warfare” is a huge mistake. Call me a cockeyed optimist if you want–but I think the world deserves better of America.

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